Eco Cycle’s Rosie Briggs on Zero Waste and Recycling

I talked with Rosie Briggs about what Zero Waste really means, good waste diversion practices, and the controversy you may have heard around recycling.

Zero Waste can be confusing. As always, with this episode we hope to help bring clarity and practical steps to your journey as you take action for the planet.

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Kathy Brooks of Second Story Goods and the Power of a Purchase

We have Kathy Brooks from Second Story Goods on to talk about the importance of employment and empowerment through business, their work in Haiti, and to share some beautiful stories of impact.

ROHO Founder Caleigh Hernandez & The Importance of Listening

I spoke with Caleigh Hernandez, founder of Roho Goods, about the way the company started, the wonderful Kenyan artisans she’s working with, and the importance of listening instead of moving forward with our own agendas.